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Message from our CEO, Dr. Tony Sewell
'Lively-up Shakespeare'

Tony Sewell Welcome to season 2 of the Generating Genius Shakespeare Schools Championship.

We would like to thank our 2015 sponsor for season 1, Jamaica National, for their invaluable support and vision in our pilot year. It was a closely contested competition with the championship school ensemble from Campion College's Macbeth winning the all expenses paid trip to the UK over Easter 2016.

This year, 2016, marks the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare, the most famous and the most performed playwright in the world, who will be celebrated across the entire globe. There will be hundreds of performances, lectures, recitals, international academic conferences, films, concerts, operas and major exhibitions in tribute to his enduring genius.

Jamaica has a long tradition of producing excellent dramatic productions and its acting talent is as long and graceful as that of its athletes. Given the immense popularity of the Shakespeare Championships last year, we will enter season 2 with a competition that aims to build on the success of the pilot.

The winners, Campion College, will tour of the UK and showcase their Jamaican rendition of Macbeth alongside schools from mainland China, Hong Kong and the UK. The trip will include a visit to Shakespeare's birthplace, Stratford, where they will attend Royal Shakespeare Company workshops to help improve their stagecraft. We look forward to sharing their 'selfies' of London and Birmingham on this unique Shakespeare expedition.

The Campion interpretation of Macbeth, directed by their multi-talented drama teacher, Damion Radcliffe, is a fantastic 'Jamaican' perspective on this famous tragic play and will serve as a vibrant example of brand Jamaica. We look forward to the plays in season 2 reaching the high standard set by Campion and many of the other plays performed in the first season.